We know that firms using marketing analytics and market dashboards outperform their competitors. Even a small improvement in using analytical dashboards brings on 8% higher Return on Assets on average, and 21% for firms operating in highly competitive industries. However, only 16% of large international companies use marketing analytics and this number even lower for small and medium-sized firms (SMOs) and for emerging markets in prof. Pauwels’ experience across America, Europe and Asia. Here is your opportunity to stand out from your competitors.

The book invites you in 4 steps to (1) understand what market analytic dashboards can do for your (chapters 1-2), (2) plan the market analytic dashboard (chapters 3-6), (3) develop the dashboard (chapters 7-11) and (4) live the dashboard: implement and renovate (chapters 12-14). This modular structure accommodates different levels of experience, urgency and firm situation. Managers who have not linked marketing to business performance are advised to read the full book, learning tips to collect the right data, assemble the team and gather support of their bosses and employees for the dashboard project. Readers with high urgency (due to company crises or tight deadlines) can jump to practical tips and checklists in the relevant chapters, e.g. to gather IT support (chapter 5). Managers unhappy with current performance measurement systems learn how the proposed solution compares to related tools and get concrete advice for improvement (chapters 2, and 12-14). Finally, the most savvy finance and marketing executives appreciate the value of the latest research on the ROI of social media (chapter 9) and in emerging markets (chapter 10)